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Our Approach to Education

Our educational philosophy embraces the belief that children learn through play, activities must be age and developmentally appropriate, and opportunities must exist to address the development of the whole child. We provide an English language immersion setting and are committed to helping our students become fluent in English by kindergarten.

We have an open door policy. Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom and participate in our program in a variety of ways. We believe the Parent and Teacher Partnership is an essential component of a successful curriculum in an early childhood education setting.

Tick Tock Early Learning Center’s educational program is designed to foster growth across all the domains of child development including cognitive, physical, social-emotional, daily living, language, and gross and fine motor skills.  Activities include language, literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music, dance, dramatic and imaginative play, water and sand play, field trips, and visitors. Our Center incorporates a literacy center, computers, and two highly engaging outdoor play yards.

Our curriculum is linked to the PA Early Learning Standards for young children. We offer a balance of active and quiet listening lessons, teacher directed and child directed or free-choice activities, and individual and large group instruction. We stress healthy development through regular physical activity and outside play time, a nutritious food program, and free health related services provided at the Center including dental care, vision screening, immunization clinic, and other services.


Our staff is a dedicated group of early childhood educators who are committed to offering a quality program and continuing their training and professional development. Many of our staff members have bilingual fluency. We offer free translation and certified interpreter services to our parents when needed.

We use positive discipline to help guide children toward a greater degree of self-control. Staff members use a variety of teaching strategies, schedule, and room arrangement to avoid many problems. Other techniques include redirection, rewarding positive behaviors, and calm down time to help children learn to manage the demands of their day and develop positive social skills.

Children play, learn, and grow together in an environment that is safe, supportive, and nurturing. At Tick Tock, we care about children!

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